From a sprinkler repair, to a full property remodel, we have you covered!
Retaining Walls & Decorative Steps: 38bed94130dde6ef7261cc6455e943baAlways level, with adequate base material to avoid sagging/sinking. We use high quality block to extend the life of your project.
Seeding, Sod, Artificial Turf: We order directly from the farms/factories to provide the best product for the cost. As for installation, we compact the surface to the desired density and stagger all seams to prevent wash-outs and visible imperfections.
Pavers, flagstone, and other Walkways/Patios: Each stone is laid and leveled individually to ensure a stable, flat surface. Finished with commercial grade polymeric sand to bond everything together.
Decomposed Granite and other Crushed Stone Walkways:
Xeriscaping & Desertscaping: With the restrictions due to the drought, we encourage sustainability: Converting sprinklers to sub-surface drip systems, planting native, drought tolerant plants, and working with customers to capitalize on city reimbursements for removal of grass.
Wood, Metal, and Vinyl Fencing:0201171407a We offer many different styles and materials to best identify with the desired theme for your property.
Tree/Shrub Trimming & Removal
Landscape Design Services: We offer 3-D models of landscape designs to best illustrate the finished product before we begin.
Mulch, Bark, & Stone Garden Bed Installation: Installation of a ground cover material slows the growth of weeds, lessens the amount of irrigation needed, and provides gorgeous aesthetics.
20161213_141252Custom Built Garden Sheds: For any position or purpose, we can built you a professional, appealing building to best fill your needs.
Irrigation and Drainage Repair/Installation
• And Much More…